Why Choose Our Company

Xterior Creations Pools & Spas philosophy is total customer service while building you a high quality swimming pool from start to completion. What you can expect from us is a smooth and enjoyable experience because you deserve it; swimming pools are a big investment and you work hard for your money. We want you to be excited throughout the entire process and absolutely thrilled when you get to see and use your dream pool for the first time.

Listed below is our process and what you can expect from design to completion.

  • A member of our design team will meet with you at your property to discuss your ideas and vision for your project and then make suggestions based on their experience designing and building pools. Your yard will be accurately measured; excavation access and utility runs will be checked and explained. Typically your design can take anywhere from 3 to 7 days to complete depending on the time of year and will be designed using the very latest is 3D rendering technology. Once your design has been completed we will schedule an appointment at our office for you to view your new swimming pool and whatever other options such as landscape, patio cover, BBQ island, ect that you might have requested. All the features of your project will be explained and all costs involved will be itemized and gone over in detail.
  • Once you select Xterior Creations Pools & Spas to complete your project an agreement is finalized and a detailed construction plan will be drafted for our engineer.  Building permits will be obtained from your jurisdiction and if you have a Home Owners Association (HOA), we will provide you with the necessary plans needed to submit for their approval.


Your project superintendent will paint the outline shape of your new pool and/or spa so you can see it and it’s positioning in your yard. Once you approve the final layout the excavation process can begin.

Once the excavators arrive the soil is removed and the elevation is set for proper drainage. The length of time it takes to excavate and remove the soil depends on a few factors which can include:

  • Accessibility
  • Soil Conditions
  • Overall size and depth of the pool
Phase 1A Layout


Once the pool has been excavated the trenches will be dug for the installation of gas line, if needed, and all of the plumbing needed from the pool and/or spa to the pool equipment area. All of your new pool equipment will be set in place and plumbed.

Phase 2 - Plumbing


Steel rebar is now formed throughout the pool and/or spa structure per the engineered plans in the complete shape of your pool and/or spa. This process is exciting to see because you can now really see your pool start to take shape.

Phase 3 - Steel


All of the electrical work needed for the operation of your pool equipment, LED lights, ect is now added. Your pool equipment sub-panel will be set in place and the pool will be bonded/grounded properly per building code. If you have requested a BBQ island or patio cover that requires electrical that will typically be started at this phase.

Phase 4 - Electrical


At this point we are ready for an inspector from your jurisdiction to inspect our progress. The inspector will come to your residence and check to see that your swimming pool is up to building code standards. Once the inspector approves all construction up to this point he or she will sign the inspection card and progress on your project can continue.

Phase 5 - 1st Inspection


Shotcrete is the application of the concrete structure for your new pool and/or spa and is applied at 4,500 psi which meets and typically exceeds most building codes. On completion of this phase you will now really see what your new pool and/or spa will look like. Once this process has been completed we will ask you to wet the structure for 3 to 5 days inorder to help the proper curing process of the new structure, but this will all be explained to detail.

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At this point all of your material selections will have been finalized and the tile will be set as well as stacked stone, ect depending on what you requested. If your pool has rock waterfalls they will be constructed at this phase and start to take shape.

Phase 7 - Tile


Our decking crew will now come in and backfill all of the open plumbing and electrical trenches, grade the pool and decking area level and install the form boards for your new pool decking. Once the forms are set in place the concrete will be poured and depending on what decking material you have selected this process can take a few days or up to a week. If you selected a paver decking material they will be installed during this phase as well.

Phase 8 - Decking


If you have contracted for any additional options (i.e. landscape, patio cover, outdoor kitchen, etc) they will be completed at this time.

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Patio Covers
Outdoor Kitchens


Your property will now be enclosed and any walls or gates that had been removed for the pool construction process will now be reinstalled. Your gate or gates will be brought up to “pool code” and door alarms will need to be installed for child safety.


This inspection will require your presence to allow the building inspector access into your home to check that the door alarms are installed and functioning properly. The inspector will also check that all of your property walls or fencing is at least 5’ in height and that all gates have been brought up to “pool code”.


The pool structure will be cleaned and prepped for the final interior finish. The plaster, quartz or pebble, depending on what you selected will be installed and all of the PVC fittings and drain cover will be placed. Immediately upon completion of this phase a hose will be placed in the deepest part of your new pool and filling will begin. The pool will need to continue filling until the water level reaches the middle of the pool waterline tile, 3” up. if you have a spa you will then move the hose to the spa and fill it the same. With a new pool interior finish it is important that whatever part of the new finish gets wet with water stays wet, this is part of the curing process.

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Xterior Creations will now startup your new pool and/or spa and perform a complete system check. We will add and balance your water chemistry and go over in detail the complete operation of your new pool and how to maintain it. You will be asked to brush the new pool interior now that it is circulating for a period of 5 to 7 days which in return will help smooth the plaster or quartz finish and assist the filtration system in removing “plaster dust” from the pool water. If a pebble interior finish was installed this process will only take 2 to 3 days. At this time any other building inspections will be scheduled depending on your property’s jurisdiction.


Enjoy your new pool and we thank you for allowing us to build your backyard oasis!

Phase 14 - Time to Go Swimming