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3 Tips for Care of Your Pool During Winter

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

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Taking care of your pool is important year-round, not simply during the warm summer months.  Committing to proper winter pool maintenance will help to ensure an easier summer opening. Caring for your pool during the off-season will also help to prevent potential damage from cold temperatures, saving you time and money.


Although the winter months do not require the same level of time commitment to maintain your pool, it is still recommended that you run your pump and filter for at least 4 to 5 hours each day. This will ensure that the water does not remain stagnant, while keeping chemicals and algaecides flowing properly.  We also recommend that you run your pool at night, running your pool at night will keep any above ground plumbing from freezing and cracking when winter temperatures drop below 32 degrees.


Before you discontinue use of your pool for the winter, it is important to perform some water testing to ensure the chemicals in the water are well balanced. Chemically balanced pool water play a large role in preventing problems such as algae and bacteria, not only in the summer while the pool is in use, but also during winter months. Stable levels of chlorine and cyanuric acid, along with balanced pH and alkalinity will play a large role in keeping clean, decontaminated water.


Adding a winter algaecide will help to hamper algae growth, fight against bacteria and alleviate dirt or oils from your pool. Algae are resilient and can survive and grow during cold winter months. A quality algaecide that is engineered to stay in the water for extended lengths of time will help to prevent algae growth keep your pool clean throughout the winter.

Before shutting down the circulation system, add an algaecide to the water and allow the pump to run for 24 hours. This will help to thoroughly circulate the product throughout

Adding chlorine to your pool can also help to prevent algae and boost the pools cleanliness and health for a longer period.

Making the commitment to properly care for your pool during the winter is the best way to protect your investment throughout the whole year. For more information or tips on how to best maintain your pool, contact Xterior Creations Pools & Spas at (702) 342-8600.

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