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Top Trends Building Pools & Spas

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Pool Builder Las Vegas

Deciding between a swimming pool and a spa for your dream yard can be a difficult decision that can be made easier by choosing both. At Xterior Creations, we design beautiful swimming pool spas that will give you the ideal combination of fun and relaxation. A swimming pool with a spa tub is a growing trend in swimming pool design providing many homeowners with their own private backyard resort.

At Xterior Creations Pools & Spas, we create beautiful Las Vegas swimming pool spas that meet your vision and surpass your expectations. We will design the pool and spa that will best fit both your property and your dreams giving you the backyard oasis you need for the Las Vegas heat.  With over 16 years of experience, we have experience and insight needed to design a custom one-of-a-kind pool and spa that will also stay in line with the top trends.

Among the most popular trends in swimming pool spas are:

  • Spillover Spa Into Pool: This unique design brings together a pool and spa in an effortless, upscale, and soothing way. In this trend, water from the spa cascades into the swimming pool combining eye-catching design, function and enhanced relaxation.

  • Infinity Edge Spa: A long-time favorite, the infinity edge in which water spills over the side can be incorporated into both a pool and spa. Infinity edge creates beautiful design that gives the illusion of an unending pool.

  • Tile: The use of glass tiles whether as a mosaic or through more simple design is a perfect way to bring in color and style into a unique design.

  • Stone: Just as with tile, stone is a great way to enhance the design of any custom backyard swimming pool spa. Stone can be used to bring in an upscale aesthetic appeal into the design.

  • Lighting: Illuminating your pool and spa through lighting both in and around the water is popular choice for many homeowners. Lighting can be used for ambiance or with new effects can even change colors in order to fit the occasion.

  • Design Beyond The Pool: One of the most popular trends in pool and spa design is to extend the design to the surrounding areas. A pool adjacent patio area can be the perfect place for an outdoor kitchen or fireplace, a welcoming sitting area, or more, making your yard a welcoming area for guests.

  • Large Spas: Spas are typically built for four people, but a larger spa built for more will make it easier for you to accommodate more guests.

  • Smart Technology: In this day and age, technology is available to help you manage anything from the pool’s cleaning system or adjusting the temperature all from your computer or smartphone.

Xterior Creations Pools & Spas has the expertise to deliver a personalized and customized backyard paradise for your Las Vegas home. We are up to date on all the top trends and have the creativity to incorporate the features that will best fit your vision to life. Contact us today to request a free estimate on the Las Vegas swimming pool spa you’ve been dreaming of.

Xterior Creations Pools & Spas

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