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Las Vegas is known worldwide for its fabulous resorts.  Xterior Creations will help you build your very own custom oasis in the desert to help you cool down this summer.  When you’re searching for pool builders, there are several options in Las Vegas.  But how do you tell who has the right experience and reputation?  By providing you with as much information as possible about the pool building process, we hope that you will feel comfortable with us and know that Xterior Creations is the right Las Vegas Custom Pool Builder for you.

Your First Contact

The pool building process starts from the moment that you contact the company.  Did they answer the phone within a few rings, or did the call go to voicemail?  Was the person who answered the phone friendly, or did they seem overwhelmed or even rude?    Remember that when you’re evaluating pool companies, it’s important to remember that you will be talking to the company representatives over a period of several months.  You want to find a team that is friendly, helpful, and supportive.  A team that understands not only how to build a great pool, but also takes the time to explain things to you and help you to appreciate the careful attention to detail that is going into your amazing new backyard swimming pool.

Who are you working with at the company?

While it’s ideal to work directly with the owner, many pool companies simply don’t let you do that.  It’s doesn’t have to be a deal breaker if you’re working with a salesman, but at the very least, you should be introduced to the owner.  At Xterior Creations, you will work directly with our owner to design and build a pool that you will love for years to come.  We believe that this personal touch is what sets us apart from so many of the Las Vegas pool companies.

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Meet at the Pool Company’s Design Showroom

It is important for your pool company to have a professional and permanent place of business.  Pool contractors that “work from their truck” don’t have roots planted in the community, or at least not as much as a pool company that has invested in a professional design showroom.  If there is ever a need to meet with your pool company after the pool is built, it’s important to know that you can meet with them in person at their office.  Pool builders that only work out of their truck and don’t have any staff could very easily just disappear and not return your phone calls once they have your money.

Check Business License and Credentials

Your new backyard pool is something that you and your family will treasure for years to come.  The memories that you will make together will last a lifetime.  However, a poorly built pool can also make memories that last a lifetime.  From costly repairs or permanent injuries can be the result of hiring an inexperienced pool contractor.  Check with the Nevada State Contractors Board to see if the pool builders you’re considering working with have any complaints filed against them.  You will be able to see this information online by visiting:  http://www.nscb.state.nv.us/

Pool Builders Las Vegas

Make sure your pool designer uses 3D Rendering Software

Licensed pool contractors aren’t all the same.  It’s important that you choose a pool company that understands current design trends. Contractors that aren’t current on design styles might end up building a pool that doesn’t add any value to your home, or worse, ends up feeling out of date.  One great way to ensure that you’re working with a good pool contractor in Las Vegas is to ensure that they’re using custom pool design software.  The software should be able to show your pool from numerous different angles, with different features, and creative layouts.  Your pool design consultant can make changes with you so that you can see exactly how your new pool will look in your backyard.  Xterior Creations has this software and we look forward to helping you create the very best pool for your backyard.

Ask for a copy of the Warranty

Reputable pool builders want you to have a great pool.  If things go wrong, you want to know that your pool builder will stand behind their work.  When working with Xterior Creations, we will happily provide you with a copy of the pool warranty up front, before you’ve even signed the contract to work with us.  We want you to feel comfortable working with us and providing a great warranty is just one of the many ways that we strive to give you peace of mind.

Sub contractors and references

As the pool companies that you’re considering doing business with for the names of the sub contractors that they most often work with.  Get references from those sub contractors about their experience working with the custom pool design company.  The sub contractors will tell you if they have heard good things about the pool builder that you’re considering using.  They will also tell you bad things, especially if that pool builder is slow to pay them for their services.  You don’t want to work with a pool builder that doesn’t pay his/her vendors in a timely manner, as those vendors will be less likely to send their best crew out to work for that pool builder.

Support after the project is done

You have probably heard the horror stories of pool builders who are never to be heard from again once they have received the final payment.  Xterior Creations is different.  We know how important your pool is to your family and we will be there with you help you succeed.  After your project is completed, we will schedule a “pool school” with you to teach you about your pool and provide information about the safe operation of your pool.   We will also help setup your chemicals and balance them out appropriately. Xterior Creations will even maintain your pool for 30 full days to help make sure that you can enjoy your amazing new backyard swimming pool.

Are you ready to get started? Give us a call today at 702-342-8600.

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Additional Resources

The Nevada Contractors Board has put together a PDF with tips for homeowners considering purchasing a pool. That information can be found here:

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The City of Las Vegas has prepared the following set of requirements for pool contractors.  Read that here:

City of Las Vegas – Swimming Pool Contractor Guidelines

The 2015 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code for design, installation and inspection of aquatic facilities.

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